When we move from our old website (https://napfs.club/ ) to this new site, there are various changes of which members should be aware.

We are currently using this new website and Virtual Pursuits on a trial basis.  The decision to move websites has not been finalized, so if anyone has any objections, please contact one of the club officers.

There are two main reasons that we might change websites:

  1. The main reason is that we don't have Andrew's password for the napfs.club web server.  It is a free account at Amazon Web Services with 10GB of storage.  This storage is almost full, and we have no way to increase this storage nor to be able to administer the server.
  2. The new site is specifically designed for photography clubs and has many features which will help our club.

Visual Pursuits has many videos to teach people how to use their service; the videos are accessed under the "Help" menu as "Videos".

The following table shows some of the differences between our old web site and this new one.

Differences between Old and New Websites
Feature Old New
URL napfs.club/

  This site (napfs.org)

Photo Control When members submit photos for competitions, the WordPress administrators control the usage of these photos. Each member uploads and controls his/her own photos.  This means that each member can submit or remove photos from competitions and can create photo galleries of their photos.  Members can delete their photos from the website.
Competition Levels When a member submits photos to a competition, he/she selects the competition level in which to compete. The administrators, specifically the competition coordinator (Mark Laussade) controls the level in which each member competes.  New members are put into the "basic" level, but Mark can change the level.  If a member is in the wrong level, he/she should contact Mark to change levels.
Competition Level Names The competition classes are 1, 2, and 3, corresponding to the "basic", "intermediate", and "advanced" levels in the new website. "Basic", "Intermediate", and "Advanced"
Competition Judging and Popular Vote The competition photos are judged by three or four judges assigned by the competition coordinator.  Awards are granted as a result of the judges' critiques. The popular vote, if held" is done via a separate program.  The popular vote is for fun only; it does not affect the awards. The photo judging is performed online with a better system for ranking the entries.  The competitions are set up in such a way that the popular vote is an integral part of the competition setup.
Submitting competition images A form on the website is used to submit images.  The competition coordinator is responsible for uploading the photos into the competition area of the Google drive, temporarily removing the photographers' names, giving the images to the judges, and compiling the results. Each member is responsible for uploading their photos to the website.   This does not enter them into any competition; the member must choose the competition into which the photos are entered.  Photos can be removed and replaced in the competition up to the deadline.  The Virtual Pursuits software does many of the jobs that the competition coordinator had to do manually, including summarizing the results of both the judging and the popular vote.
Email Members could not email other members using the website Members can email other members.
Website Maintenance The website is maintained with WordPress and WordPress plug-ins.  Knowledge of HTML is not required but is sometimes useful. The website is maintained with Virtual Pursuits software, including an editor that resembles the WordPress classic editor.  Knowledge of HTML is not required but is much more useful than in the old website.  For example, this table was manipulated by editing its HTML.

This website is hosted by Visual Pursuits, a service provided by Software Pursuits, Inc.